6. March 2018


Instructions for poster presenters

The 24NKG Congress organisers look forward to seeing your poster on display during the congress and thank you for your contribution! Posters will be on display for one day, either on Thursday 3 May or on Friday 4 May. Each poster presenter will be designated a day for presentation and you will be informed on which day as soon as the programme is finalized. You are required to be in front of your poster during the lunch break.

Please note the following guidelines for posters: 

  • Poster size: Maximum height 135 cm and maximum width 95 cm, portrait orientation.
  • An optimal lay-out of your poster will attract attention of other Congress delegates. Text should be easy to read at a distance of 1 meter.
  • You must include all material to support your presentation, such as tables, drawings, charts and pictures.
  • QR codes are allowed on the poster.
  • Please include your and/or the corresponding author’s email address. This will prove especially useful if another delegate wishes to contact you about your work. Having copies of your material for onsite distribution is also a good means of communication.
  • You are requested to put your poster at display at the opening of the congress for the day you have been assigned and you are responsible for removing your own poster when the congress closes for the day.
  • If you prefer to travel without your poster, you can have it printed and delivered to the congress office at the Oslo Congress Center. The 24NKG is pleased to provide convenient, high quality poster printing service to all poster authors. Call4Posters poster printing service allows you to create a poster from a selection of free PowerPoint templates or you can upload your completed poster as a PowerPoint or PDF file online. Pricing starts at € 67,11. Your poster will be waiting for you onsite. Call4Poster will send you an e-mail with information about login, submission deadline and other details. To submit your poster, please visit this website: http://eu.call4posters.com/nkg/c/1650?meetingposter=true

Poster sessions 24NKG

Poster sessions P001-P137 will be on Thursday

Poster sessions P137-311 will be on Friday

Thursday May 3 at 9–17

The posters with numbers P001 – P088 will be in SAL D.

The posters with numbers P089- P137 will be in Forum.

Friday May 4 at 9–17

The posters with numbers P138-236 will be in SAL D.

The posters with numbers P237- P311 will be in Forum.

Download the poster list (pdf)


We look forward to seeing you in Oslo!

Oslo, 6th of March 2018


Nils Holand (President)

Marijke Veenstra (Secretary General)