23. August 2017


Great-granny’s Garden

The plants in Great-granny’s Garden are collected from old gardens. Many of them are no longer commercially available, but are preserved here in a living archive. The garden is particularly designed for people suffering from dementia – the familiar scents, old-fashioned benches and other traditional elements have a comforting effect and improve their memory.

Great-granny's garden

Alma’s house – demonstrating smart technology for safe and healthy ageing

Alma’s house is a 50 square metre flat showing dementia-friendly solutions, and is part of Oslo municipality resource center on geriatrics, dementia and old-age psychiatry. The staff has skills and competence in cognitive functioning, dementia and assistive technology (AT).

Meeting Memories

Meeting Memories is a museum access program for persons with dementia and a training program for museum educators and health care professionals. The Meeting Memories partnership is run by the City of Oslo Centre for Professional Development and Research, Oslo City Museum, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, Norwegian Folk Museum, The Ibsen Museum and Natural History Museum of the University of Oslo. The partnership mutually seeks to support and strengthen the museums as an arena for dementia care.