10. January 2018

Jon Kvist

Jon KvistJon Kvist is professor of European Public Policies and Welfare Studies at the Department of Social Science and Business, Roskilde University. He was professor from 2008-2014 at the Centre for Welfare State Research (CWS) at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense and has also worked at SFI – The Danish National Institute of Social Research.

Kvist has published widely on the Nordic welfare model, Europeanization and set-theoretic methods. He has chaired international research projects and been member of the Norwegian Research Councils’ welfare, work and migration program, the Scottish government working group on welfare and the Danish government Commission on Unemployment Insurance, and is national coordinator in the European Commissions new Expert Network on Social Policy.

Recent publications include “Fighting poverty and exclusion through social investment” (European Commission, 2016), “A framework for social investment strategies: Integrating generational, life course and gender perspectives in the EU social investment strategy” (Comparative European Politics, 2015), “Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism: The making of a classic” (co-author, Journal of European Social Policy) and “Changing Social Equality: The Nordic welfare model in the 21st century” (co-editor, 2012).

See www.jonkvist.com for more.

Visit Kvist’s website at Roskilde University