8. February 2018

Geir Selbæk

SelbækSelbæk is a psychiatrist specialized in old age psychiatry. He is research director at the Norwegian National Advisory and professor at the Faculty of medicine, University of Oslo.

He is involved in various fields of research regarding ageing and health, such as dementia, depression, drug use and cancer in old people. His focus has been neuropsychiatric symptoms among people with dementia in different settings. Currently, he is leading a large Norwegian population study that will provide valid estimates for the prevalence of dementia in Norway, as well as new knowledge about modifiable risk factors of dementia in a Norwegian setting. He has published 125 scientific papers cited in PubMed. In 2018 he received the Norwegian dementia research price from the National association of public health.

 What do you think are the most exciting present and future developments in your field of aging research?

New knowledge about modifiable risk factors and how these risk factors change along the life course.

 24NKG is a multidisciplinary conference where the participants have the opportunity to broaden their perspective beyond the themes of their own immediate research areas. How would you like to motivate participants from the social sciences and humanities to attend your lecture?

The lecture will inform about ways to address the greatest challenge to the health care system in a public health perspective.

In your mind, how can the Nordic Congress contribute to aging research in general? What do you expect from 24NKG?

I expect to see collaboration across professions and across fields of research, and thereby to be inspired.

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