9. April 2018

Geirsdóttir winner of prize for promising researcher in gerontology 2018

The 2018 winner of the prize for promising researcher in gerontology is Dr. Ólöf Guðný Geirsdóttir!

Gudny Geirsdottir

Ólöf Guðný Geirsdóttir

Ólöf Guðný Geirsdóttir was born in Reykjavik, Iceland. She took both her master and PhD in Human Nutrition, at the University of Iceland. In 2011 she defended her thesis on “Physical activity and dietary intake in community dwelling older adults”.

She has a broad experience within teaching and as nutritionist at several units at the National University of Iceland. She has contributed to clinical guidelines within nursing, a handbook for food and nutrition for elder, and prevention of falls. In her recent research she focuses on associations between nutrition and physical activity in community-dwelling elderly adults. Geirsdottir has contributed to 16 papers in this field, in addition to giving lectures and providing supervision.

She recently became associate professor at the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, School of Health Sciences, University of Iceland.